Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Maybe you're heard about the new site to get work done for just $5: fiverr.com?  It's a website where anyone in the world can offer to do any work for just $5.

I'm not promoting fiverr, just the opposite actually.  I went to their website to check it our after reading an article in a business magazine that outlined the sites concept and remarked about it's rapid growth...  And to my surprise, what I found was that a large percentage of the services offered were to write reviews or testimonials for your business.  The problem?  The people offering to write or record testimonials and reviews for your business are not customers.  They're in Italy, India, Sri lanka, Great Britain, etc.  So in many cases they cannot have even tried your product or service...  Anyways, always use authentic testimonials and have them third party verified by TestimonialShield.com and you can't go wrong.

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