Sunday, August 17, 2008

Testimonial Verification: An Honesty Seal vs a Security Seal

Testimonial Verification is long overdue. Think of it as an 'honesty mark' - most websites display seals of "security", but the claims they make about their products and experiences of previous customers go completely un-policed - until now that is. Always demand to see proof that a testimonial authentic before purchasing a product from a company you aren't familiar with. - 'Making your web surfing experience in the vast WWW ocean a safer more confident swim by providing 3rd party verification of customer testimonials.'

Truth on the Web - 3rd Party Verified Testimonials

It's official: people lie.

Even more so for a buck. A recent study I read revealed that almost 70% of customer testimonials published on small business websites are not real! Knowing how much attention customer testimonials receive when a potential customer visits a website I decided to create; a website dedicated to verifying the authenticity of a companies customer testimonials.

If you don't see our distinct logo - don't buy. If you do, buy with confidence that the satisfied customers quoted on that companies website - those testimonials - are verified true and authentic testimonials.

Visit our website to learn more about our service and how you can maximize the use of your true customer testimonials with our free e-book "Increasing Your Sales by Proving Testimonial Authenticity with our Testimonial Verification Service".