Wednesday, June 8, 2011

People often ask: Does the FTC actually enforce the laws about fake testimonials? The answer is "Yes."

FTC in conjunction with Colorado Attorney General John W. Suthers Charges Promissory Note Pitchman With Deceiving Consumers.

Infomercial Falsely Claims It’s Easy to “Find ‘Em,” “List ‘Em,” and “Make Money”

Agency Also Settles Charges Against Consumer Who Gave Allegedly Misleading Testimonial

The Federal Trade Commission has charged Russell Dalbey, the CEO and founder of the company behind the “wealth-building” program “Winning in the Cash Flow Business,” with defrauding consumers, in some cases out of thousands of dollars, with phony claims that they could make large amounts of money quickly and easily by finding, brokering, and earning commissions on seller-financed promissory notes.

Click here to read the full complaint at the FTC website.

Click here too take a survey about customer testimonials - do you think they're fake or real? Would you trust websites that have testimonials third party verified?


G.A. said...

Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! I have been looking for a way to bury my competitors who have all kinds of 'B.S.' testimonials on their websites, and you just gave me 2: First, I'm reporting them to the FTC to report their FAKE testimonials and second, I'm going to have my REAL testimonials authenticated by!

Sha Gaji said...

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